Our first restaurant analytics workshop

our-first-restaurant-analytics-workshopThe combination of food and analytics certainly does not make for an appetizing recipe. However, we believe that by making data-crunching more palatable and easily digestible for restaurants, it gives owners a better understanding of their operations.

Restograph provides business intelligence and data analytics solutions for restaurants. It unlocks the trove of data stored in the POS and transforms this information into easily readable trends and projections. Since Restograph is specifically built for restaurants, it presents data in such a manner that restaurant owners and managers can easily discover value-adding insights, make data-driven decisions, and quickly solve problems that are unique to the restaurant industry.

To educate restaurant owners and managers on how data analytics can help optimize their operations, Restograph held its first ever Restaurant Data Analytics Workshop last December 11, 2015 in partnership with Vantage POS. The event featured no less than world-renowned data analytics guru, Donald Farmer, as the keynote speaker. Having more than 30 years of experience in data analytics tucked under his belt, Farmer discussed how restaurant owners can effectively leverage on data analytics to make smarter and more spot-on decisions.

Farmer explained that data analytics can only become an effective tool in improving decision-making if it uses the right information, at the right time, and in the right format. Using the “right information” means being able to access accurate, reliable, complete and simplified data. Getting information at the “right time” means receiving the latest data automatically and on-demand. Information is presented in the “right format” if it is well-designed, sharable, viewable across different devices, and can easily give insights that are contextualized to a specific industry.

He stressed that spreadsheets cannot have these features because they are “built for everyone to solve everything”. “Unless you are tremendously smart in using spreadsheets, you wouldn’t know which chart you will use. That’s why vertical applications like Restograph are very important because they give you specific insights on your business. They know how to present the information to you because they know the business very well,” he added.

Restograph CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Dimarucot said that “with the ASEAN integration going full blast by 2016, restaurant owners are expected to face tougher competition against popular brands from neighboring countries penetrating the Philippine market. One way to gain competitive advantage is to utilize data analytics to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.”