Decluttering + Design Thinking = Beautiful & Useful Sales Reports

Decluttering + Design Thinking = Beautiful Things, and Beautiful things yield better results.

Its seems that there is a growing movement towards decluttering. Less is more. Minimalist is in. The name Marie Kondo will start to ring a bell to some as she has helped clients transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. Marie Kondo

This seems to go hand in hand with the design thinking philosophy used by designers to solve problems, complex processes, and find desirable solutions.  In fact, a school has sprouted in the famed campus of Stanford – the Design School.  What they teach is to utilize design to come up with very unique solutions to solve problems from the fintech space to food security.  The design does not just become aesthetic but also functional and results oriented.

Now, how the heck did we get into decluttering and design thinking when we are a restaurant management software! Well when you mix the concepts of decluttering and design thinking, you create beautiful things.

Beautiful spaces drive more traffic. Beautiful products sell more. Beautiful people win at beauty contests (well they have to be smart too!). In our case, beautiful reports make more profits!

What we found on the desks of managers was a messy pile of papers – many of them sales, image026 images

inventory reports, time sheets. Who really has time to read all the numbers? There is also the additional time needed to digest and analyze the numbers to make sense. Bottomline, there is number information overload! A clusterf&ck of numbers!

With design thinking and decluttering in mind, we want to beautify the numbers. Less rows and columns, less information overload, and instead, more digestible graphs and charts. We want to make managers have access to beautiful numbers because like we mentioned on top, beauty yields better results.

Below is our beautiful report. Below is something that will get managers/owners have better results. Amen.




Its time to unfriend and breakup with your spreadsheet!

Do you own a restaurant and still use spreadsheets for inventory management?

We all grew up learning to love Microsoft Office products – word, powerpoint, and excel.  I’m almost sure you’ve also already mastered most formulas and have created the mother of all spreadsheets.excel

But as time has passed and the digital era has taken over, it may be time to unfriend your beloved spreadsheet (of course in the context of inventory management).

Why do a way with something that you’ve been used to all these years? Why give up something you’ve mastered?

Well, the answer lies in why we pretty much don’t see a fax machine or the compact disc  – the technology change has made these obsolete.

So below are top 3 reasons why you need to break up with EXCEL now and automate your inventory.

  1. EXCEL has flaws flaws and more flaws.

Whats another word for flaws? Errors.

Let’s face it. The person entering the data is human and humans are prone to error. Especially if these humans aren’t excel rockstars and their main job is to cook, prep food, or help with customer service.

Another flaw is if you create a mega spreadsheet that connects to other worksheets and if you count, there are 45 formulas. Guess what the chances are of errors? Probably 50%!

Do you remember the time when you start entering numbers in one cell and when you review to columns on the next worksheet to find that the numbers seem to add up? How long did it take you to find where the error came from?

So you review your formula again and see that you missed a pesky plus sign or… some annoying though equally important equal (=) sign.

And one mistake can cause a ripple effect. Boom. Game over. Your life is a mess.

2.  EXCEL is needy and high maintenance.

Do you like being in a needy relationship? Nope. Didn’t think so.  2014-10-13-highmaintenance

Let me whisper to your ear a secret – excel is needy and high maintenance. You need to spend hours and hours updating your spreadsheet.

If you’re not updating it, you pull in your manager to update it. Was that the best decision? Your manager should be getting you more customers in the door and ensuring high customer service.

3.    EXCEL isn’t there when you need ’em.

Can you instantly check your spreadsheet to check your COGS? Nope.

Can you instantly check your spreadsheet for updated and realtime variances? Nope.

Can you see a running balance of your inventory? If you have multiple branches, can you see all your running balances of your stock in real time? Nope.


Hope we made a good case why you need to break up with Excel and start automating your inventory with Restograph!